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About NASE - The Nation's Leading Resource for Entrepreneurs

NASE is the Nation's leading resource for Entrepreneurs. Get expert advice on starting a business or growing a business. The NASE provides day-to-day support.

NASE Annual Membership- Top 10 Benefits to an Annual Membership

The NASE Annual Membership includes over 40 benefits and discount programs. These benefits include health insurance for self-employed, grants and online experts

NASE - Your Voice In DC - Support Small Business & Small Business Issues

The NASE is standing up for America's smallest businesses. The NASE supports small business issues by giving them and it's members a powerful voice on Capital Hill.

NASE Business Learning Center | Self-Employed Educational Publications | Tax and Health Resources

How-to articles, Q&A's with experts, videos and more to help you run and grow your business

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Member Benefits

  • Expert Advice

    NASE Members receive 24/7 access to all of our experts.

    • Business Law

      Answers to your estate planning, retirement, or general business law questions, delivered promptly from our own NASE legal professionals. Submit your questions online for a personal response.

    • Business Strategy

      We call it Business 101, but our business strategists will personally answer your questions about how to succeed in business.

    • Business to Business Leads

      Let's face it, driving traffic to your website and social media pages has become essential in today's marketplace. Lead generation is one of the most important strategies for your business, don't neglect it.

    • Database Management

      Do you need support organizing, validating, storing and maintaining data? Ask our Database Expert today.

    • Finance / Accounting

      If you are gathering and monitoring financial data, preparing monthly, quarterly and annual statements, or forecasting costs and revenues, you might need NASE’s Finance Expert.

    • Grants & Scholarships

      Do you have questions regarding the NASE Growth Grant or the NASE Dependent Scholarship?

    • Healthcare

      Health insurance is one of those things that you don’t really think too much about until you need it, and then the decision is critical. Let the NASE offer expert advice on the ever-changing environment of health care reform.

    • Information Technology

      NASE technical support provides assistance with your general computer problems. Ask our expert to diagnose your hardware or software issue and offer solutions.

    • Marketing 101

      The most dangerous question a business owner can have is the one they don’t know exists. Our job is to help identify and answer those questions promptly.

    • Real Estate

      If you’re looking for guidance on how to buy a home, sell your home, purchase rental property, mortgage loan options, securing a title company or hiring the right moving company, NASE’s Real Estate Expert can help.

    • Sales Growth

      If you need advice on how to improve skills like prospecting, client communication, building rapport, negotiating, or strategies supporting sales goals, submit your question to the NASE Sales Growth Expert.

    • Sales Tax

      Many states are passing new remote seller laws after the Supreme Court’s decision in the Wayfair case. Regardless of what happens with proposed federal legislation, NASE experts can help answer your sales tax questions.

    • Social Media

      Which Platform is Best? Entrepreneurs should be looking at their business strategically, and understanding which platform will give them the best opportunity to have a dialogue with their customers, without overwhelming the owner.

    • Tax

      The self-employed and micro-businesses are not alone when it comes to tax time. Estimated taxes, choosing a business entity, automobile and travel expenses and hiring a new employee are just a few of the topics that the NASE Tax Experts can help with.

  • Business

    • Podium

      Podium provides access to bulk texting for important customer updates, increased visibility, payment collecting and generating Leads.

    • Salesology®

      Sales training and coaching consultancy, with expertise and solutions for developing new business.

    • AARP

      Small Business Resources

    • Experts Online, Included with Membership

      Tax, Finance, Legal, Business Strategy

    • MindEdge

      Improving the way, the world learns through professional development and continuing education.


      FranNet is your one-stop shop for all franchise information and services.

    • AT&T Business Fiber

      Get more speed, reliability, and value from your internet with AT&T Business Fiber®

    • Hiscox Small Business Insurance

      Hiscox offers businesses a new way to buy small business insurance online in minutes.

    • Connect Lending

      Your Connection to Business Lending

    • Save Around

      Your LOCAL Discount Savings Book!

    • NASE Startup Kit

      Download the NASE Startup Kit for free!

    • Legislative Action Center

      Make a difference using this online tool to learn about issues and contact your legislators.

    • Washington Watch

      weekly legislative email update

    • National Credit Systems

      NCSPlus is a Low-cost, easy and effective method for collecting on delinquent accounts.

    • Fast Collect

      Electronic check recovery services, with no monthly service fee.

    • Business Learning Center

      Full access to articles, in-depth guides and more

    • Small Business Locator

      Get Your Business Listed and Noticed!

    • Growth Grants

      Need $4,000 To Help Your Business Grow?

    • ADP Payroll Services

      You had the courage to bet on yourself. ADP has your back every step of the way.

    • Dell

      NASE has teamed up with Dell to bring members savings on the products they need.

    • Biz Filings

      Save up to $60 off business formation services and discounts on DBA filings and business license application packages.

    • Broad Financial

      Specializing in providing Solo 401k plans that are more powerful and flexible than big company 401k plans

    • Constant Contact

      Affordable Email Marketing from Constant Contact

    • First American Payment Systems

      Exclusive partnership with First American Payment Systems. Credit card processing with rates as low as .08% & $0.10 per transaction over cost.

    • Crowdspring

      Graphic Design and Writing Services

    • Hire Your Kid

      Hire Your Kid and reduce your taxable income by $12,000

    • LegalZoom

      Online legal document preparation services to help you START, GROW and RUN your business.

    • Legal Club Business Plan

      Access to a national network of attorneys in every field of law at either no cost or reduced rates.

    • PODS

      Save 10% on your initial delivery and 10% on your first month of storage, and receive a 5% discount on long-distance moves.

    • Office Depot

      NASE Members Save Up To 75% Off Office Supplies at Office Depot Business Solutions

    • Pitney Bowes

      mailstation 2™ digital mailing system and scale weighs your mail and calculates the exact postage needed with just one touch of a button.

    • SelfInformed

      Your monthly member e-newsletter. Articles, information and news to help you run your business more effectively, and to keep you posted on what the NASE is doing for you. Free for members.

    • QuickBooks

      Save up to 40% on best-selling financial software.

    • Tax Resource Center

      The NASE's Tax Resource Center provides timesaving tax assistance to help businesses file their tax return.

    • Turbo Tax On-line

      Save 15% on the No. 1 online tax preparation program.

    • Xtech - Computer Support

      Professional and Affordable!

    • UPS Savings Program

      Flat Rate Pricing on Shipping! UPS took the guesswork out, and put the easy in.

  • Health

  • Home & Personal

  • Travel Benefits

  • Optional Benefits

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