Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

At the NASE, we're fortunate enough to be able to give back to those in the small-business community each and every day. Here's a short list of what our members say about what we do.

It was an honor and terrific confidence booster, not to mention real financial help, to receive NASE's Growth Grant sponsored by Dell Technologies.  As owner of AWExpeditions, a 1.5-person business that has been bootstrapped from Day 1, receiving the Growth Grant was a real catalyst for me to put the business onto more solid operational (and, as such, financial) footing.  With the Growth Grant, I was able to commit the funds necessary to create a part-time in-house operations manager position - and that has been a real game changer for AWE's growth trajectory. Thank you NASE and Dell Technologies for your support!
- Sunny Stroeer

NASE Rasheda Williams
NASE provides vital tools to help self-employed individuals grow and expand their businesses as well as resources for their daily lives.
- Rasheda Williams

NASE Member Keith Hall
NASE Ask The Expert Question: "I am just starting up my Bookkeeping business and would like help generating leads in this specific field. I am also in the process of setting up my first business website."

After our Expert Responded: "Thank you for this great information. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to compile this for me. I look forward to trying some of these resources. I am finding NASE to be a GREAT value!!"
- Keith Hall

NASE Maria Burgio-Kline 200
Oh my goodness, I am so excited to have been picked for the NASE Growth Grant! I am in shock, and so appreciative. Thank you so much for your consideration and decision to choose Clover & Lamb Design and Letterpress Studio!

- Maria Burgio-Kline

NASE Trevor Barrett 200
We just received the email stating that we have been chosen for the NASE growth grant. Thank you so much! My wife and I are extremely happy to hear the news, what a game changer for our small business! We cannot wait to use the grant funds to purchase equipment as we specified in the statement of grant use and get the NASE badge on our website! Many thanks from Alaska and Barrett Knives!
- Trevor Barrett

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