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The SelfInformed is a monthly publication that has all sorts of useful informational articles such as how to prepare your taxes, manage your marketing dollars effectively, utilize some of the more popular NASE business tools and more!  The best part... it's a FREE publication!  Here are the most recent releases...


7 Ways To Get New Customers
Whether you’re launching a new venture or already have an established customer base, the key to growing your small business is winning new customers. The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) offers seven proven techniques for reaching new customers. These methods are used by businesses large and small, but most cost little beyond a commitment to their implementation and sustained practice.
Posted on Jul 24, 2020
Dell Offerings for NASE Members
EXCLUSIVE PARTNER PROMOTIONS NASE Members receive up to an additional 10% off all Dell branded products on DEDICATED PARTNERSHIP With one-on-one dedicated support, you can conveniently call, talk or chat with your Dell Technologies Advisor directly.
Posted on Jul 24, 2020
Continued Relief for America’s Self-Employed
In a letter to congressional leaders, the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) submitted several policy objectives that should be included in the next phase of relief legislation that the Congress looks to consider in the month of July.
Posted on Jul 24, 2020
Top Tips for Surviving the Summer for the Self-Employed
As a self-employed small business owner, you’re used to wearing many hats. You might be the boss, the marketing department, a childcare provider, and an IT expert all on the same day. You have to keep yourself on track, become an expert at what you do, and keep it all running smoothly at the same time. There is an incredible amount of pride and freedom that comes with being self-employed and running your own business, along with numerous challenges you deal with every day.
Posted on Jun 26, 2020
Protecting Self-Employment
Andy Pham is the Founder of Company Alarm located in Meridian, Idaho. Andy Pham is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully started more than 30 companies in the last 20 years. Those businesses range from real estate development to medical technology to oil and gas drilling and production programs. Company Alarm, started in 2019 after Andy himself had an incident of business identity theft.
Posted on Jun 26, 2020
Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Signed Into Law
In June, Congress approved a bi-partisan bill to provide greater flexibility to the Paycheck Protection Program, introduced by Representatives Phillips (D-MN) and Roy (R-TX), the changes address issues that the NASE has advocated for reforming.
Posted on Jun 26, 2020
Top 5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make
The path to starting a small business is rocky. Whether you’re establishing yourself as a freelancer or trying to get a new business up and running, there are a few trip hazards to watch for along the way. Some mistakes are small, and part of the learning curve for self-employed careers. Others can leave you flat on your face if you aren’t watching where you step.
Posted on May 29, 2020
Programming Self-Employment
Preston “Paul” Parks is the President of P2 Programs located in Dripping Springs, Texas. P2 Programs, started in 1986 as a part-time by writing barcode applications (inventory and process tracking applications) for various barcode suppliers in the Houston, Texas area. After four years of construction experience and another four years manufacturing operations experience, Paul founded P2 Programs and began full time operations in 1992. Based upon our experiences with construction and manufacturing process tracking, P2 Programs had the technological expertise to present customers with an affordable and successful solution to the data collection challenges they faced in their manufacturing operations.
Posted on May 29, 2020
House Democratic Leadership Tees Up Next COVID-19 Response Stimulus
On Tuesday, May 12, the House Democratic Leadership introduced the HEROES (Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions) Act, a sweeping $3 Trillion relief package that touches every aspect of those suffering through the current crisis. The proposed legislation is inclusive of numerous Democrat priorities, many of which are considered non-starters for Senate Republicans. However, we anticipate some of these proposals will eventually find themselves in the final package of legislation that the House and Senate will pass in the weeks ahead.
Posted on May 29, 2020
COVID-19 and its Affects on the Self-Employed
According to research from the US Small Business Administration, our country has 28.8 million small businesses that employ 56.8 million employees. Altogether, small business owners account for 99.7% of all employers nationwide. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, small business owners and self-employed individuals across the country are wondering how the pandemic will affect their healthcare. Fortunately, assistance and access to an abundance of resources are on the way. In this post, you’ll find out everything you need to know about employee and self-employed healthcare changes during these uncertain times.
Posted on Apr 29, 2020

NASE Minute

Perhaps you just want to sit back once a week and watch a video with the latest business tip from the NASE? We've got you covered! The NASE Minute is our weekly video series designed to focus on some of the most commonly asked about topics and presented in a short amount of time so you can get what you need to know and be on your way!

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Common Reasons for an IRS Inquiry
Four tricks to decrease your audit chances?
Posted on Jul 30, 2020 by Keith R. Hall
Improving Time Management
How to use your Inbox to improve your time management
Posted on Jul 23, 2020 by Cameron Brown
NASE Member Spotlight
Are you looking for ways to grow your business? If you answered YES… the NASE would like to feature your small business in our Self-Informed Spotlight!
Posted on Jul 16, 2020 by John K. Hearrell
Business vs. Hobby
IRS factors in determining Business vs. Hobby.
Posted on Jul 09, 2020 by Keith R. Hall
What Is Two-Factor Authentication and How It Works
Cameron Brown explains how 2FA is helping secure your data.
Posted on Jul 02, 2020 by Cameron Brown

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Self Made

Self Made Blog

Self Made is our staff blog. Our resident Government Relations expert (Katie Vlietstra) works hard to relay the information that you need to know about what's happening in the community and how it effects you!

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Resources for Disabled Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
One of the greatest perks of living in America is the ability to hone a creative idea into a business started from scratch. Anyone with the right mindset and a smart product can make the dream happen. People with disabilities may feel like they have a steeper hill to climb, but that is not necessarily the case.
Posted on Jul 30, 2020
Ways Solar Energy May Save You Money During Quarantine
While millions of people around the world are still in quarantine to slow the spread of COVID-19, that does not mean it is easy staying home all the time. People are more concerned about saving money than ever before as the world continues in these uncertain and unprecedented times. During quarantine, it can be more challenging to save money as you don’t have access to your usual spread of resources, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do. Solar energy can help you save money and energy during quarantine and beyond while being environmentally friendly.
Posted on Jun 22, 2020
Communicating with Clients Effectively as a Freelancer
Modern freelancing has existed for decades now and has only improved as technology has evolved. As business applications have increasingly taken advantage of the power of the internet, it’s become possible to forge an independent, unique career via as a contractor, whether you’re writing, walking dogs, or anything in between.
Posted on Jun 22, 2020
Paying for Your Child’s University Fees When You Are Self-Employed
It’s almost every parent’s dream to send their child to university, but with the high cost of tuition fees, many parents are shying away from this dream. In addition to the tuition, there are living expenses to worry about too. For the self-employed parent, the struggle to pay these fees may be due to fluctuating incomes. However, with the right strategies, it is possible to send your child to university regardless of the size and nature of your business. Consider the following tips.
Posted on Jun 12, 2020
Seven Tips for Building a Sustainable Business
Building a business is a dream for many, but just because you have a passion and drive doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to be successful. You’re more likely to start a business and fail than to start a business and succeed. There’s a lot of competition out there, and running a business is hard!
Posted on May 11, 2020

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